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Theresa Daley
Mindfulness Mentor, Healer
and Spiritual Counsellor

How can I help you?
I will help you to better understand the markers and omens of your life so that your life is an experience of flow and harmony. Each of us has a unique path, with challenges and triumphs. It can be, at times, difficult to make sense of what is going on for us and why?
The experiences in our lives are omens that act as markers, when the markers and omens are interpreted clearly we can choose the right action... put the round peg in the round hole. This is what I help you to do, to understand the experiences/feelings in your life so that you can out the round peg in the round hole.

Complimenting my gift of strong and clear intuition are the many, many years I have spent studying Yoga, Reiki, Flower Essences and the Vedic Scriptures and natural living. I combine clear intuitive skills with my deep hands on knowledge of the life sciences to bring you understanding where you need it.

The way I work illuminates your understanding of the path you are on. I am interested in helping you find the answers you need to better know yourself as a being of Divine Light and Purpose.

Upcoming Events:
  • ABC Radio Hobart Mindfulness Talkback
    Saturday 15th of April, 10:00 to 11:00am
    A talk back show hosted by Chris Wisby for ABC Radio Hobart

    A fun and informative talk back show on mindfulness.Tune in via the radio or web and give me a call!
    I have received some wonderful feedback regarding these shows, not least of all was the loving and happy vibes that could be felt by us all. Listen in and get inspired!