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Would you like Solutions before Problems? Here's how it works!
The other day we found this beautiful shell (pictured) and although we were not sure of it's 'use' we felt that indeed we did have a use for it. The shell was found whilst we were in a dreamy state, ...
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Home Made Marsala Chai Recipe - Delicious!
Vegan Recipes
Marsala Chai is the tasty tea we associate with India (Asian). We often refer to this tea simply as Chai, minus the Marsala part.Marsala means spice in English, and so it is spiced tea. Chai is a ver...
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Manifesting, does it come down to work or wish?
Manifesting what you want, how much is work and how much is wish? The combination of work and wish or work Vs wish has been something that I have personally grappled with on large and small scales in...
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“Every reading with Theresa is a healing.”

In a Life photo readings from Theresa are a unique type of psychic reading. These unique psychic photo readings get to the very root cause of the issue, whether that root cause is in a past life, childhood or a habit of the present day.

Not just a photo reading, these special readings begin a healing process.

Get to the root cause and reason for the confusion you are feeling; bring it to the surface where it will be understood, healed and cleared by your reading.

“Healing takes place as soon as the root cause is revealed.”

Healing and shifts in life begin the moment these root causes are realised. This is exactly what these readings will do for you.

Signs of this healing may be instantly obvious or they may take a little time to manifest. However, have no doubt that a shift is occurring in your life as a result of your photo reading.

Why choose an In a Life reading?
- Because things CAN be made easier.
- Because you are ready to take the next step, and you would like some help knowing the direction of that step.
- Because you are ready to truly deepen your understanding of truth in your life, and you are ready to take the next step in your spiritual education and development.
- Because you are ready for happiness, health and joy, and you are ready to let go of struggle and confusion.

When you have a photo reading with Theresa
it is not just understanding of an issue or situation that you gain,
it is also the start of the healing process.

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