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Consultations Explained

I began this work consulting with people one on one perhaps twenty years ago. I was conducting a reiki session when the guidance came to me. Years have passed and my experience, knowledge and wisdom has deepened. Back then, often a client would come to their appointment with a photo of someone who had passed over, or of a friend, pet or even a home. I used the photo as an aid to tune into the story that surrounded the picture’s focus and would give my client a reading on that focus, too.

It didn’t matter if that person was passed or not, living in a different country, in contact with my client or not. I could read them just as accurately as if I was holding their hand in front of me. It was quite amazing! It is all quite wonderful.

So I realised I didn’t need to have someone present with me, I could provide an accurate reading via email.

These days I live off the grid in Southern Tassie and work from home via the immense blessing and wonder that is the internet. I use the photo you email me as a focus and from there all that you need to know right now will come through, that’s what I write down for you. It is very helpful for you to provide me with a question, please take a moment to think about your question/s before you write. The clearer the question, the clearer the answer comes through in the reading.

If you need a little help in settling yourself before you order your reading, have a listen to the very short guided meditation titled Guided Meditation for the Preparation of Meditation by clicking on the youtube icon at the top of this page.

A reading with me will help you whether you are in distress, committed to self-discovery or simply looking to have a check-in, it would be my honour to be of service to you.

Arrange your reading:

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STEP TWO: Send your information via email

After making payment, please send your information via email (to info@inalife.com.au), include your photo and question(s).

A little bit about us…

We live off the grid in the bush of Southern Tasmania; Theresa, husband Nick, toddler daughter Honey, extensive food garden and animal friends. We follow an organic wholefoods vegan diet, practise agnihotra and meditate daily. In our lives we live simply and deeply. We live our lives guided by Divine Mother and above all else our spiritual life/bhakti (devotion) comes first.

I’m (Theresa) an initiate of Kriya Yoga and I keep a beautiful healthy home, I practice what I teach. My wish is to bring others closer to a way of living that is inspired by the love of Divine Mother and clear, mindful living.

Aside from working with people in one on one consultations, I facilitate classes in mindfulness and relaxation in the Nala Pakana tipi. I am also available to facilitate classes in private and public institutions such as workplaces and schools.