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What people are saying...

Theresa offers accurate and honest readings, receiving feedback and thanks daily.

“Thank you so much Theresa. That was super fast!”
Linda 2014

“Hi Theresa, Thank you so much for Chloe's reading. Your advice on how to help Chloe express herself has been a huge benefit and even after one day a very noticeable change in Chloe. Michelle asked Chloe about one of her drawings. Chloe said it was an angel !!!”
Anne 2014

“Hi Theresa, I felt your reading so valuable that I read it into the voice recorder of my small mobile phone (where other meaningful meditations etc reside), and as part of my rituals of connection I again listen to it when that seems mindful, ( that is pretty much now and then during my early morning quiet time or upon retiring in the evening. - That little mp3 file has been a real gift to my three quarters of a century old grey matter ! - No light needed, no paper, glasses only briefly!).”
Maurice 2014

“Totally understood. I like seriously wasn’t expecting something this intense. I think that’s a fitting word. My cat problems have been solved but he only comes in in the evenings. Whats strange is after holding the amulet and while I was emailing you he come strutting in early?. id say whatever was here has clean gone back to dark hole that it came from. my problems are totally solved for now. I had no idea about the power of rocks apart from crystal. iv read the info. Very mind blowing cool stuff. Um thankyou so much Theresa. X”
Ben 2014

“Woooooow!!! Thank you xxx”
Lizzy 2014

“Your readings brought much relief, insight and encouragement to my family. For this I am very happy not to take advantage of your Christmas Reading Offer.”
Anne 2014

“Hi Theresa, Thank you very much for Belinda and Sophie's readings - absolutely "spot on." I was teary reading Sophie's but don't worry it was very happy tears. It all makes sense now. We weren't expecting to receive any information on little Nate but gosh it touched all our hearts. As for Belinda she has made great progress in just 24 hours after receiving her reading. This is a message from Belinda on facebook:"I re-read the readings last night and mine made more sense. I visualised for sophie last night. I am starting to tell my mind affirmations... i deserve this life etc. Slept well last night. Feel like the healing is starting. Thank you Theresa and thank you Spirit for the wonderful work you are doing. We are very grateful for your input in our lives and please know that you do "make a difference." Huge progress for Belinda already.”
Anne 2014

“That's wonderful Theresa. That feeling of understanding is life changing...has been for me. You do great work xxx”
Linda 2014